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Engine pumps

Tough, robust engine pumps for the harsh use in construction, industry, communities, agriculture and rigging.


Using world-wide proven petrol and diesel engines with a long service life, easy start-up and high reliability. Top quality materials for all pump components afford full functionality, good performance and little need for maintenance at all times. Self-suction sewage pumps from ENDRESS allow for a professional transport of clean and heavily soiled water in construction, industry, agriculture and communities due to their robust design. An ENDRESS engine pump creates an independency from the electricity and water mains and gives the necessary security every time.


Centrifugal engine pumps

The versatile ENDRESS centrifugal pumps are in their element when a quick rate flow and high output is required. The following examples are typical applications for which they can be used: Draining of ditches, foundation pits, cable shafts, cellars or sewage works, irrigation of fields as well as the emptying and filling of ponds, the drainage of quarries, pis and coal mines. Centrifugal pumps allow, depending on the model, a maximum of 31mm solids through. Both the gyroscope and impeller are well resistant to abrasion and in addition sealing elements which run in an oil bath give the necessary reliability under the most severe of operating conditions. Cleaning is facilitated to a large extent by two swing out closure blocks.